Music With No Name Vol 2
Jazz - Africa


Music With No Name Volume 2

We are approaching the year 2000 - five years after the first sensational offering of Music With No Name Vol.1 - a unique remix project involving World Music artists mainly out of South Africa.

Volume 2 we present herewith is more jazz orientated - again with a fine bunch of remixers at work - enjoy!


Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1 Banana Jam - Endemic Void (original Airto Moreira)
Giants of Jazz like Airto and Chick Corea remixed - from the album Airto Moreira and the Gods of Jazz - Killer Bees.
2 Salawena - Smith & Mighty (original Mantombi Matotiyani & Amampondo)
After their hit with Madala's remix on MWNN vol. 1 we asked the duo from Bristol to give us their interpretation of traditional healer Mantombi and Amampondo's Xhosa song Salawena
3 Uptown - Red Snapper (original Jessica Lauren) Jessica Lauren impressed us with her incredible wizzardy on any kind of analogue and digital keyboard - Red Snapper's version refelects the London underground at the turn of the millenium.

4 Winds of Change-Earth Roots -Ashley Beedle (original Byron Wallen) Ashley give us a smashing remix version of a Moses Molelekwa tune and his interpretation of Byron is indeed a fresh wind of changer.
5 Amashiko-Pops Mohamed & London Sound Collective original version from the Pops and LSC album - only available through digital downlaod.
6 Sidudla - Bandulu - GUS GUS (original Mabi Thobejane) Mabi's collaboration with Juno Reactor over the past 14 years hasn't gone unnoticed - the original track of this GUS GUS remix stems from his debut album Madiba available on M.E.L.T. 2000
7 King of Pondos - Mozaic (original DZM Projects & Madosini) Mike
8 Say No to Guns - Cosmic Blues (original Achisa) Achisa was one of Cpae Town's first rap band with members from a Home for Boys in  the Langa township

9 Nomithule - Bandulu (Skeleton) this fresh Bnadulu  remix of Maskanda band Skeleton hit the London club scene together with Busi Mhlongo's release of Urbanzulu and established a lasting tradition of this music from the  Zulu land

10 Capoeira de Mente - LK Productions (Fourth World with Airto Moreira)
11 El Futuro y el Passado - Rollercone (original Changuito)