Airto Moreira - Revenge of the Killer Bees
Jazz - USA



New mixes from the original album Airto Moreira & The Gods of Jazz - Killer Bees

The legendary Airto Moreira, the man who single handedly dispelled the notion of percussionists in red frilly shirts poised over their congas, has let loose a selection of the finest contemporary remixers on 'Revenge of the Killer Bees'. Under the direction of Tony Thorpe this remix project has revisited the seminal Gods of Jazz album which Airto recorded in the early nineties with help from jazz icons Herbie Hancock, Hiram Bullock, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Flora Purim. Revenge Of The Killer Bees features remixes in an end of the millenium style by Ashley Beedle, Justice, Frederic Galliano, Amon Tobin, Endemic Void and Circadian Rhythms.


Since that period Airto has been involved in a number of collaborations; Outernational Meltdown, Tribal Ethno Dance as well as his own work with his band Fourth World, and this album continues in that collaborative vein.

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

BANANA JAM by Endemic  Void
2. KILLER BEES by Justice
3. BE THERE by Frederic Galliano
4. CITY SUSHI MAN by Ashley Beedle
5. COMMUNION by Circadian Rhythms
6. SEE YA LATER by Jimpster
7. CHICKEN IN THE MIND by Amon Tobin
8. NEVER MIND   by Max Brennan