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The sound journey of Indiza Busi Mhlongo's story has been told be many journalists and in order not to repeat ourselves again we opted to give an account of Busi's voyage with MELT, the UK label that helped expose her talent to a world wide audience. Busi's first encounter with MELT started in 1995 when Madala Kunene introduced her to the label during the recording of his highly acclaimed album Kon'Ko Man.

That same year Busi traveled to London as a member of the OUTERNATIONAL MELTDOWN crew to launch the series of post apartheid recordings that started the label's deep involvement with Southern Africa. The launch was held at the Limpopo Club at the African Center in Covent Garden and she was accompanied by fellow artists like Moses Molelekwa,, Shaluza Max and Dave Mxolise Mayakane of Barungwa plus Pops Mohamed, Sipho Gumede, Mabi Thobejane and Madala Kunene. Busi's contribution to the launch was limited to her famous song Ntandane of which a new version is featured, musically treated and up-dated by Gabi Le Roux.
Busi kicked off 1996 by appearing with Hugh Masekela at a concert in London to mark the end of the Africa '95 festival and was subsequently invited to tour France and Germany.
For a period of two years Busi was involved as a session artist whilst she started to work on the creation of her second album. Urbanzulu, produced by Will Mowat has brought her international fame and was first released at the end of 1998 and draws on a number of styles such as mbaquaga, maskanda & marabi. Holding the no.1 spot in the European World Music charts for two months in 1998, Busi's position as one of the leading South African singers was firmly established. Touring internationally and bewitching audiences with her powerful stage presence and vocal prowess she has rightfully taken her seat in the musical arena as one of the most phenomenal and exciting musicians to have emerged from South Africa.
In 2000, Busi scooped a total of three awards at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) for BEST FEMALE ARTIST, BEST ADULT CONTEMPORARY ALBUM (AFRICA), and BEST AFRICAN POP ALBUM. Ranked alongside Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbulu and The Mohatella Queens, unique in becoming the first female to be spreading the maskanda style of vocals internationally, Busi has been applauded by audiences the world over.


Various tracks from Urbanzulu are being featured on many compilations but in 2001 also led to ADIDAS choosing her song We Baba Omncane for a global advertising campaign I Kiss Football featuring most of the big stars. The very same song was chosen in 2002 for EMI's compilation for the Football World Cup. Back in Durban Busi started work with Brice Wassy on new songs - a process that took considerable time and was interrupted by their touring schedules and commitments. Progress was further damped by the fact that Busi became very aware of her mother's age and frailty.
Her Mother and closest friend's death in 2001 left a big gap in the artist's life and her sadness to a point where work on her new album came to a stand still. Two new tracks were finished by the beginning of 2002 when Musical Energy Loud Truth CC in Johannesburg decided to emabark on a remix project prompted by Ùs initial mix of Ntandane Y Imbomu. Durban based 3-30 Club owner Martin McHale and friends meanwhile worked on a remix of the song OXAMU which when played at his club took the roof off the house. 3 widely different versions of the song are represented on the album INDIZA.
Indiza (Voyages) introduces not only the unique and new rhythms of drum master and producer Brice Wassy but also a collaboration with Oumu Sangare from Mali with whom Busi shared the stage many times during their extensive touring schedules in Europe..
Long time friend Mabi Thobejane and Cape producer Ben Amato pay their respect on a remix of Indiza on track 4.
Khuzani - the second of Wassy's successful productions features Cuban and Latin beats on track 5 and a Cuban style drum n bass remix by London underground producer Chris Mack.
More in the current House music trend is Flipper Dalton's (UK) remix of Way of Baba from the ADIDAS ad tune We Baba Omncane.
Yehlisanumoya ma' Afrika (African Nation calm!) remix by Soul II Black was previously released on the URBANZULU REMIXES album rounds up a voyage that lasted 7 years in which period Busi rose to become the undoubted Musical Queen of South Africa.
"I was always singing. At school, after school. I was the laziest one in my family because I just didn't have time; my time was for music, you know. I was always being punished, but I knew whenever I was punished it was because it had to do with some notes that someone - whether it was a band, or just a man playing guitar" Busi Mhlongo 




Track listing (30 Second Samples)

Ntandane Y ibomvu - Gabi Le Roux Tribal Mix (6:19)
Oxamu  Club 3-30 Dub Mix (4:25)
Indiza - Voyages (4:22)
Indiza (Voyages) - Steam Dream Mix (4:51)
Khuzani (4:47) - Lyrics by Busi Mhlongo
Khuzani - Cuban Drum'n Bass Remix (4:54) remixed by Chris Mack (London, UK)
Way of Baba - Busi Mhlongo & Flipper Dalton, London (UK) (7:25)
Oxamu (The Crocodile) - Club 3-30 Tribal House Mix (7:52)
Yehlisanumoya ma  Afrika (African Nation calm!) (5:43)
Ntandane Y ibomvu - Gabi Le Roux House Mix (5:51)
11. Introduction Busi Mhlongo (0:05)
Oxamu  Club 3-30 Radio Edit (4:58)