Castro B

Castro B  self thought musician and DJ was born in East Rand, Johannesburg. He introduced himself to music by making his own tin guitar at the age of 6 copying the tunes the elders in his township played in the streets. The strong influence of traditional music grew on him and carried well into the 90’s. In 1995 Catro B got his first PC making his own tracks in his bedroom studio playing and testing them out at parties in the hood.


Five years later having Dj’d in many clubs Castro B met comedy gospel singer Philani Mabanga who strongly believed in his talents and engaged him as his producer.

The two of them started appearing together at almost every Philani gig which gave Castro B exposure to a wider audience.  When Philani was invited to guest on KAYA FM’s Friday AM comedy show he introduced his friend Castro B to DJ Pat Cash who himself is a great supporter of traditional music and the many artists who tend to be forgotten in our modern times.

Having heard some of Castro B’s productions Pat Cash made him aware of the rich MELT 2000 catalogue and suggested a meeting with label boss Robert Trunz.

Robert handed over some tracks and parts for remixing and was surprised to get some great remixes back within a week . Castro B was then invited to work at the MELT 2000 Farm studio. Here Larry Muthambi  transfered many of the traditional tracks from the old 24 track analogue tapes to computer friendly digital files for Castro B to work on his debut album FIDELITY. Castro’s albums feature Africa’s hottest veteran drummer and percussionist Mabi Thobejane who in his career worked with many of the greatest acoustic musicians contributed to soundtracks of Hollywood blockbusters like MATRIX, ANIMATRIX, MORTAL COMBAT and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO.