Pops Mohamed & Sie Medway Smith


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Pops Mohamed & Sie Medway-Smith

Pioneered and created just after Pops recorded his legendary album HOW FAR WE HAVE COME. Sie Medway-Smith assisted and engineered at MILO studios in London and all the Bushmen songs and the many traditional instruments Pops brought along inspired him to convince Pops to create this masterpiece of ambient ethnic African & UK breakbeats. The album remained unreleased for over a decade and is now available for digital download only. I'm very happy to see this beautiful piece of early ethnic electronica finding its way onto your MP3 players and straight into your brains.
Thank you Sie and Pops for being so patient - god bless Africa and our Bushmen family in the Kalahari who are the inspiration for a lot of the beautiful music that has come from this label.

Robert Trunz


Track Listing (30 Second Samples) 

1 To be Namede
2 Sanbonani Harrison
3 Polymorhoses
4 Seven orbits
5 Cyclone
6 No engines no thrust
7 Trance Africa
8 Makweremanb
9 Harrison
10 To be Namede