Alien Soap Opera - Second Wave




‘Featuring the cream of predominantly Arab musicians, this collection of traditional vocals and instruments is given added punch with touches of unobtrusive electronica. This spellbinding set will find fans beyond the confines of "world" music.' Music Week, July 2000.
Alien Soap Opera, a vehicle idiosyncratically driven by the prolific remix engineer and former member of The Orb, Greg Hunter, features the expertise of Egyptian master of Arabic classical music, Amir Abdel Magid. Meeting in Cairo when Greg went to record with Killing Joke, Amir listened in on the recording session and asked Greg to mix a track for him. Enthralled with the results the two decided to work together on a more permanent project.Over the next four years Greg travelled between London and Cairo co-writing with Amir and collaborating on various projects, producing and mixing Arabic music and touring the Gulf finding inspiration. Alien Soap Opera and Fifth Sun were the results of this partnership. Amir Abdel Magid is a musician/producer/arranger, famous throughout the Middle East for his Kanoon (Egyptian Harp) playing, his recordings and live performances. He is a familiar sight on Arabic TV (MBC etc), with his music aired almost daily. He regularly tours with his orchestra throughout the world performing Arabic music.


Kalahari Surfers & Greg Hunter - Turntabla


In 1998 Robert Trunz had the notion that an album by a group from Cape Town called TransSky(Brendan Jury & Warrick Sony) produced by Greg Hunter would be a good thing. He set about making it happen first getting Greg to Cape Town and booking a couple of weeks time with what was then Shifty Studios. Getting to know and work with Greg through this period was a great education and a privilege for me. I learned a lot about the world of synthesized ORB style sound and frozen ants. This was the first of three work periods with Greg which spanned three years. It was, however, the period where we all did the preliminary recordings which would form the texture of the whole album. Everything was recorded and assembled onto 24-track ADAT system using an old Protools system to edit and loop. All sounds were originated by our performances and those of the special sessions which we hosted at the studio. Brendan had left Cape Town and the project by the time of Greg's second and third visits which saw the pieces morphing into huge sound epics with sampled and performed merging together processed and squeezed into the ether. Strings and things were developed and added at Milestone. Speakers were blown. Greg left with a box of mixes and we resolved to do a track each separately and release it all as a band called PLINC the album Turntabla. Greg was never entirely happy with many of the tracks and the distance and interest made the project difficult to complete for him, other things croppedup and life overtook us all. Robert approached me towards the end of 2007 and asked if I would revisit it as a Kalahari Surfer and finish it off, which I did. Many of the original pieces had chunks of samples that we could never hope to clear without great expense so I had to strip things out rework, replay and remix. These were sent to Greg who sprang some new mixes into the timeline and gave constructive spiritual guidance. This then is the final putting to bed Turntabla with the last track being a homage to the great intelligence which guides us all. Om purnam ada punam idam
Thanks to Robert Trunz for a decade of patience.

Amampondo - Electric Pondoland



Amampondo means people of mpondo from the Transkei of South Africa.

This is one of 3 albums released at the same time celebrating the 25th Anniversary of South Africa's most highly regarded percussion and marimba band who have toured the globe for a quarter of a century. Electric Pondoland features Amampondo's many collaboration with international dance and Electronica groups mainly Juno Reactor who are well known for their Hollywood film music for blockbuster films like MATRIX, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO and MORTAL COMBAT.

Changuito - Syncopation


Syncopation (BW2095)

Percussion maestro and former timbal player with Los Van Van, Changuito(Jose Luis Quintana) is best known for his groundbreaking work with the legendary Cuban band. As one of the world's leading multi-percussionists, Changuito expanded the vocabulary of Latin rhythms with his seminal Songo grooves, and has taught some of the finest conga players of today including Giovanni Hidalgo. Changuito released a series of educational videos which have become a must for any up and coming percussionist playing Cuban music - for more info see:

Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite


alt iTunes

JUNO REACTOR  -  Beyond The Infinite

 Track Listing (30 Second samples)

1 Guardian angel
2 Magnetic
3 Ice cube
4 Feel the universe
5 Samurai
6 Silver
7 Rotorblade
8 Mars


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